Ford plans health screenings, temperature checks to bring office workers back beginning in June


The Henry Ford II World Center, headquarters of the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.

James Leynse | Corbis | Getty Images

Ford Motor expects to begin calling back salaried employees who have been working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic beginning in late-June, executives said Thursday.

About 124,000 white-collar workers are expected to be in the “final group” of employees to return to their offices, according to Ford Chief Human Resources Officer Kiersten Robinson. She said employees will gradually return starting in late June and into early July.

Plant workers are expected to gradually return to work as early

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Macy’s will furlough most employees beginning this week


Macy’s said the majority of its employees will be furloughed beginning this week as it copes with significant sales losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The retailer declined to say how many employees will be affected by the furloughs. It said it’s lost most of its sales, even as it remains open online, and that’s why cost cuts are necessary.

Macy’s is one of dozens of retailers that have been forced to close stores to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. All of its stores have been closed since March 18, and it has not decided when it

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