Singaporeans struggling with mental health a year into the COVID-19 pandemic


The AIA Health Matters Survey 2021 polled over 300 Singaporeans aged 30 to 55, across a spectrum of working adults that is representative of the resident population, the insurer said.

Respondents’ concerns for critical illness also grew by 10% compared to 2016. Cancer (73%) and stroke (68%) were the most pressing concerns among Singaporeans. Mental health conditions such as anxiety and major depressive disorders were also major issues. Singaporeans expressed worry not only for their own health, but also for the health and well-being of family and loved ones.

A majority of the male respondents who are breadwinners stated that

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Additional $900 billion spent on e-commerce at retailers globally in 2020


As Covid-19 kept consumers around the world at home, nearly everything from groceries to gardening supplies was purchased through e-commerce channels.

According to Mastercard’s latest Recovery Insights report, this amounted to an additional $900 billion being spent in retail online around the world in 2020. Put another way: in 2020, e-commerce made up roughly £1.50 out of every £5 spent on retail, up from about £1 out of every £5 spent in 2019.

For retailers, restaurants and other businesses large and small, being able to sell online provided a much-needed lifeline as in-person consumer spending was disrupted.

Roughly 20-30%

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Facial recognition for payments authentication to hit 1.4 billion users


A new study has found that the number of users of software-based facial recognition to secure payments will exceed 1.4 billion globally by 2025, from just 671 million in 2020.

This rapid growth of 120% demonstrates how widespread facial recognition has become; fuelled by its low barriers to entry, a front-facing camera and appropriate software.

The research identified the implementation of FaceID by Apple as accelerating the growth of the wider recognition market, despite the challenges during the pandemic with face mask use.

The research recommends that facial recognition vendors implement robust and rapidly evolving AI based verification checks to

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How can the UK consolidate its global leadership


Worldwide, FinTech is hailed as the future of finance. From the evolution of Open Banking platforms to the use of artificial intelligence, FinTech revolutionises the global economy by changing the way businesses and customers bank, invest and make payments.

The Kalifa Review: How can the UK consolidate its global leadership

Over the past decade, the UK, too, has witnessed technology-led disruption across the financial sector. With over 10% of the global market share in FinTech, today, this sector is worth more than £11 billion a year to the UK economy[1].

High quality talent, progressive and clear regulations, availability of capital

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