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Check out these top speakers at the Global Fleet Conference

Prominent among the many reasons why you should attend the 2022 Global Fleet Conference (in Lisbon from 2-4 May, tickets still available) is the high quality of speakers at the event. 

For this edition of the Global Fleet Conference, we have assembled a top selection of expert speakers: academics, statisticians, and of course global fleet managers. Because the most important expertise is first-hand experience – and there’ll be plenty of that to share in Lisbon.  

Here’s a quick overview of some of the main speakers – in alphabetical order:

Richard Adams studied Business in Edinburgh and has over 20 years’ experience in the telematics industry, and a further 13 years’ experience in business development, specifically within the financial, IT/systems and publishing sectors. Over those years, Mr. Adams has held several company director and senior management roles. he joined MiX Telematics in 2016, where he holds the role of Sales Director for the company’s entire European operations. He lives in Stirling and works out of MiX’s Birmingham office. 

Mr. Adams will speak at 16:20 on 3 May. The topic of his thought leadership presentation: ‘Telematics + Sustainability: a game-changing collaboration’.

  • Vincent Bonnet, SVP International Sales and Strategic Partnerships, OCTO  

Vincent Bonnet graduated from ESI Supinfo Paris in 1988 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. That same year, he joined ALLIUM as an account manager, and from 1997 to 2000, he headed the company’s European procurement operations. From 2003 to 2010, Mr. Bonnet was Managing Director at SCC S.p.A., part of the SCH Group, the largest provider of IT solutions in Europe. From 2010 to 2011, he worked at Groupe de Contact as a Partner and Business Growth Senior Adviser. Mr. Bonnet joined OCTO in 2012, where he is now Senior Vice President for International Sales and Strategic Partnerships. 

At 9:45 on 4 May, Mr. Bonnet will present a session on titled ‘Beyond the fleet data, towards full sustainability’.

  • Montse Empez Vidal – Chief Purchasing Officer, Applus

  • Paula Diniz Oliveira – Global Head of Fleet, Zoetis

  • Yuliya Lapenkova – Cost Category Spend Manager HR Services, Philips and European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year 

Montse Empez Vidal is an experienced CPO with more than 20 years of experience in managing purchases and fleet. She also is an active member of her Company driving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Ms. Empez Vidal received the International Fleet Manager of the Year Award at the 2015 Fleet Europe Awards. 

Paula Diniz Oliveira is an experienced regional facilities manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. She is skilled in negotiation, facility management, continuous Improvement, fleet management and project doordination. She has been with Zoetis for almost a decade, and before that held positions ast Pfizer, Johnson Controls and Nestlé.

Yuliya Lapenkova spent almost a decade with Danone, rising from Procurement Assistant at the Moscow office in 2013 to Global Senior Procurement Manager Vehicles C&B at Danone’s global HQ in 2018. At the Fleet Europe Summit last November, she won the title of European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year. In February, she joined Philips.

At 9:40 on 3 May, Mss. Empez Vidal, Oliveira and Lapenkova will animate a panel discussion on regional fleet management trends – specifically, the differences in business preferences, supplier presence and customer needs.

  • Thierry Faure – Head of Sales International Key Accounts, ALD Automotive

  • Koichi Inoue – Executive officer, Mitsubishi Auto Lease Corporation

  • Laura Jozwiak – Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Relations, Wheels 

Thierry Faure’s career spans over 30 years, gathering experience in different areas of the automotive industry. Early on, Thierry worked in the oil and gas industry, including for Mobil, BP-Castrol and Primagaz France. In 2015, Thierry joined ALD Automotive, putting to use his years of serving the automotive industry and strong experience in customer relations.

Koichi Inoue joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1990, and has been seconded to other companies, including Honda, Isuzu and Next Fleet Australia. Currently an executive at Mitsubishi Auto Lease, he can make use of 30 years’ experience in various types of company, providing leadership to the Key Account Sales and the Green Mobility Business Development teams. 

Laura Jowziak’s career in fleet management spans three decades. Joining Wheels in 2002 as an Account Manager, Ms. Jowziak most recently served as VP of Client Relations. She holds the unique distinction of being the first person from a fleet management company to join the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) as a full member. She serves on the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) board of directors as the current past president.

At 9:15 on 4 May, Messrs. Faure and Inoue and Ms. Jowziak will jointly give a presentation with as its title: ‘When energy prices are skyrocketing: buckle up and keep your TCO on track’.

  • Patrik Havranek – Head of Group Fleet Management, ISS World Services

From 2007, Mr Havranek was Head of Fleet Management at ISS for the DACH counties (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In November 2021, he was promoted to Head of Group Fleet Management, giving him responsibility for the company’s fleets worldwide. 

At 11:15 on 4 May, Mr. Havranek will deliver a best-practice talk on the subject of: ‘When global fleet electrification goes hand in hand with TCO control’.

  • Paul Humphreys – Managing Director, Cox Automotive Mobility International

Prior to his current role, Paul Humphreys held Managing Director-level positions for several businesses within the Cox Automotive portfolio, with a strong focus on delivering start-up growth and business transformation. In his current role, Mr. Humphreys is responsible for executing the global mobility strategy in Cox Automotive’s international markets. He is also a Board Member for Cox Automotive International. Mr. Humphreys’ board-level business leadership enables him to identify commercial opportunities and deliver sustainable business transformations that drive growth. He also has a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions, exits and divestments, corporate governance, commercial change leadership, strategic planning, and sales and marketing. 

Mr. Humphreys will speak at 10:15 on 4 May. His topic: ‘Mobility meets sustainability – building resilience for today’s and tomorrow’s fleets’

  • Florian Lüft – Director of Sales and Marketing, Envision

As founder and CEO of various companies, including Sportnex and Ridotto, Florian Lüft, who holds a diploma in Business Administration from the Berufsakademie in Ravensburg (Germany), has gained a wide experience in sales, strategy, marketing and business development over the course of more than 20 years. Mr. Lüft is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing at Envision Digital’s German entity, and had been since 2020. Envision Digital is one of the world’s leading Greentech companies, with a strong focus on the digital transformation of the energy sector. In his position, Mr. Lüft is responsible for Envision Digital’s sales and marketing machinery in the German market, and this through the development of new business areas. 

Mr. Lüft will speak at 11:15 on May 4. His topic: ‘Paving the Road to Net Zero: Enabling a Successful Mobility Transition for your Business’

  • Pilar Madeira – Head of Sales Team & Regions International Key Accounts, ALD Automotive

Pilar Madeira joined the ALD Automotive Group in 2003 by taking a sales role within ALD Portugal. In the following years she held several positions in sales and marketing including the coordination of the International Clients and later the development of new innovative products in Portugal. Ms. Madeira joined ALD SA in 2017, becoming responsible for the group’s CRM and later leading the global Customer Experience programme. In November 2020, she joined the global sales team as Deputy Head of Sales, a role where she leverages her knowledge of ALD’s operations and strong focus on Customer experience.

At 16:40 on 3 May, Ms. Madeira will join an executive panel discussion on ‘Sustainable Fleet Finance and Business Models’. Other participants will be: Rory Mackinnon (Sales Director, Holman UK), Dan Boiangiu (International Business Office Director, Arval), and Gavin Eagle (Managing Director, LeasePlan International).

  • Kenneth Malmberg – Director Strategic Alliances, Ridecell

Prior to joining Ridecell, Kenneth Malmberg was Business Development Lead for Infotainment and Telematics at General Motors Europe, where he was responsible for bringing GM’s B2B Connected Car offering to market. His experience before joining GM was in several key Business Development and Strategic Alliance Management roles with the Nokia Corporation. Mr. Malmberg has extensive international experience in the mobile telecoms and internet services industry, having been involved in bringing several innovative mobile applications and solutions to market. In addition to a Diploma in Electrical Engineering Kenneth holds a BBA in International Business from Schiller International University, and an MBA from University of Warwick, Warwick Business School. At Ridecell, Mr. Malmberg is the Director of Strategic Alliances, and is responsible for creating co-operations with key third-party companies, enabling Ridecell to further enrich its car and ride sharing mobility services platform offering.

At 9:15 on 4 May, Mr. Malmberg will speak, among other topics, on ‘How fleet data can be used to create actionable insights and automated workflows’.

  • John Saffrett – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, ALD

As Deputy CEO of ALD, John Saffrett is responsible for the operational management of the company’s 1.7 million vehicles across 43 markets, which includes client solutions and sales & business development, as well as managing the company’s IT and digitisation development strategy.  Mr. Saffrett holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT from Hertfordshire University and an MBA from Nottingham Trent University. In 1997, he started out at ALD  in Sales Account Management at the company’s UK subsidiary. In 2002, he was appointed IT Director UK. In 2006, he joined Fimat/Newedge UK, now Societe Generale Prime Services, as Europe CIO and Global Head of Corporate IT Services and went on in 2011 to become Programme Director of Fimat/Newedge UK. In 2015, Mr. Saffrett returned to ALD as Chief Administrative Officer and went on to become Chief Operating Officer in 2017. He was appointed Deputy CEO in 2019.  

Mr. Saffrett will speak at 11:40 on 3 May. The topic of his thought leadership presentation: ‘Sustainability matters – right now!’

  • Sofia Santos – Associate Professor, University of Lisbon

An economist specialised in sustainability with a PhD in sustainable financing, Sofia Santos (47) divides her time between the Lisbon School of Economics & Management (ISEG) at the University of Lisbon, and her own consultancy company, Systemic. As Associate Professor at ISEG, she lectures on topics such as sustainable finance and sustainability management practices. She’s also ISEG’s Chief Sustainability Officer, and co-ordinator of the Sustainable Finance Knowledge Centre. On top of that, she is Systemic’s Sustainability Champion in Chief. Prof. Santos has 24 years’ professional experience in the banking, corporate, NGO and public sectors. She is involved with the Portuguese Fund for Social Innovation and the Green Climate Fund. And she has written seven books, three of which are about sustainable financing. 

Prof. Santos will speak at 9:15 on 3 May. Her topic: ‘Towards the circular economy in volatile environment’.

  • Huub Smeets – Global Procurement Lead Fleet & Travel, Philip Morris International

  • Ramón Cano – Head of Fleet, Philip Morris International

  • Nikola Vuckovic – Global Senior Manager Market & Fleet Safety, Philip Morris International

Huub Smeets is a seasoned business leader, consultant, and entrepreneur with technical and management skill delivering solutions for complex for procurement, fleet and travel projects. 

Ramon Cano has 360° expertise in the automotive business and over 15 years’ experience in the automotive finance sector in Europe. 

Nikola Vuckovic is a Sustainability and Fleet Safety Manager with experience in Operations, hardened in EHS&S, Manufacturing and Supply Chain processes. At the Fleet Europe Awards in November 2021, he was named the first European Connected Fleets Manager of the Year

At 9:45 on 4 May, Messrs. Smeets, Cano and Vuckovic will present a Best Practice talk for Philip Morris International. Its title: ‘A winning strategy for global fleet sustainability’.

For more information about the 2022 Global Fleet Conference and how to register, click here.