October 3, 2023


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HNW advisory firm Lioner International Group launches in Hong Kong

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Present at the ceremony was Charles Ng, associate director-general of investment promotion (Sector of Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK). Earlier this year, InvestHK set up a dedicated FamilyOfficeHK team, coinciding with the establishment of Lioner. The new team aims to promote family office business and offer one-stop services to family offices in Hong Kong.

“We are excited to see many industry partners joining our launch ceremony and showing their keen support,” said joseph Lin, responsible officer of Lioner. “Our integrated solutions for HNWIs are unique in the market. Through our flexible business model, we aim to foster strong relationships with our partners, complementing their offerings and benefitting each other in the long run.”

Chuk, based in Hong Kong, will focus on growing Lioner’s business in the Greater China region, particularly on the mainland, to take advantage of the gaps in the market Lioner has identified. She has more than 15 years’ experience across the insurance brokerage, banking and securities industries, specialising in handling complicated multi-party contracts and premium financing deals. Prior to joining Lioner, Chuk was senior vice president at International Planning Group (IPG).

“[Chuk] has extensive experience and proven track record in understanding Mainland Chinese clients’ unique requirements, addressing their diverse needs and delivering results,” Lin said. “She brings rich expertise to the business, so it’s tremendous to have her join the team. Chinese entrepreneurs have been very successful in creating and accumulating wealth over the past few decades. As their businesses mature, they are looking for ways to preserve that wealth and plan for succession. The Greater China region poses remarkable opportunities for Lioner. Katrina will be instrumental in finding, taking and building on those opportunities.”

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