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How to Get a Vehicle Fitness Certificate from RTO?

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You can get vehicle fitness certificate from RTO in this way, know why it  is important | India Rag

Every vehicle must have a current vehicle fitness certificate (FC) to prove that it is roadworthy, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1989. When the government provides an FC, both private and commercial vehicle registration is made simpler. In addition to this, make sure you have adequate bajaj allianz bike insurance.

So, it is advisable to have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure to apply for an FC and other regulations if you plan to purchase a car soon. 

The significance of a vehicle’s fitness certificate 

Below are all the factors that make a vehicle fitness certificate necessary, other than attempting to prevent fines and car seizure: 

  • Monitoring the amount of smoke a vehicle emits is vital to stop pollution, which is becoming a serious problem with every passing day. Checking and monitoring pollution caused by motor vehicle emissions is one of the main goals of a fitness certificate for cars. 
  • A fitness certificate is required to keep your car in top condition. 
  • Lastly, to prevent traffic accidents that might occur as a result of the poor state of your car. 

Let’s look at the application procedure now that the need for a vehicle fitness certificate for both private and commercial cars is quite obvious. 

How can I apply for a vehicle fitness certificate? 

As previously said, vehicle owners can get assistance from both offline and online operations.

Offline Process for Vehicle Fitness Certificate 

An instruction manual for applying offline is provided below. 

Step 1: Get forms 20 and 38 for transport vehicles from your zonal RTO office. 

Step 2: Complete these papers and hand them in together with the required paperwork at the counter. 

Step 3: Submit the necessary payments and bring your car in for inspection.

Online form for vehicle fitness certificate 

Here’s what you have to do to finish the procedure from the convenience of your home: 

Step 1: Go to the official Parivahan Sewa website and enter the registration number of your car. 

Step 2: From the navigation bar, select the “Online Services” option. Choose ‘Vehicle Related Services’ from this area after that. 

Step 3: Next, enter both your registered mobile number and Chassis number. You’ll then be given a one-time password. 

Step 4: Next, enter your Chassis number and registered mobile number and press the “Proceed” button. You’ll then be given a one-time password. 

Step 5: Proceed with the payment in the following step, then get the application letter and the digital receipt. You must provide these documents at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) after submitting your online application for a vehicle fitness certificate in order to receive your FC. 

Be aware that you must first be eligible for a car FC to complete these steps properly. Typically, if a person’s car or bike passes all necessary fitness tests, they can obtain a fitness certificate. Make sure to get in touch with your RTO to learn more about the conditions you may need to satisfy before even applying for this in order to learn about the necessary documentation. Ensure that you also get bajaj allianz bike insurance for your bike.

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Documents need to apply for a car FC 

When requesting a vehicle fitness certificate online, keep the necessary paperwork close at hand: 

  • Forms 20 and 22 and 21 
  • Road tax receipts of bike insurance certificates 
  • Original automobile registration certificate 
  • A valid certificate for pollution control 
  • A drawing of the car’s chassis in pencil 
  • If any temporary registration 
  • Address verification Permit documentation 
  • Genuine ID proof 
  • Vehicle’s chassis number 
  • Photos the size of a passport 

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