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How To Keep Your Business Secure from Every Angle – MCDA CCG, Inc

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With so much recent attention directed towards keeping your company safe in the digital world, remember that the security of your business also occurs offline. 

As companies continue to return to the office or implement hybrid working models, our world – post Covid-19 – should prompt you to update your security policies and procedures against both digital and physical threats. To protect your business from every angle, keep reading on for the best security practices your business can follow. 

Physical Security 
Update Your Door Access

Security starts with your own front door, so if you don’t already have a door access control system, we highly recommend you consider adding one. On the other hand, if you already have one in place, evaluate whether it’s time to upgrade. 

When evaluating the best access control system for your working space, you’ll have to choose between installing an on-site access control system or cloud-based software. Most legacy access control providers use an on-premises server, which takes up space in their facility and requires more in-person maintenance. 

In an environment that involves a significant level of remote work, cloud-based management platforms may be a better option – as staff may not always be around to receive maintenance. In addition to this, most businesses prefer cloud-based management systems as they offer more flexibility and convenience, allowing you to make changes to your door schedules and employee credentials. Troubleshooting, maintenance, and updates can usually be done online as well.

Look for the following features in your door access system:

  • Real time data and notifications so that you know what’s happening in your space(s) at the time it’s occurring. 
  • Detailed reports and audit trails (in case of a security breach)
  • Lockdown features (in case of emergencies)
  • Build in video capabilities
  • Remote management (useful when managing multiple locations)
  • Custom dashboards optimized for mobile devices
  • Touchless access (added convenience)
Install/Upgrade Your Security System

Whether you need an affordable solution to secure your office or an advanced system that gives you remote control over your system via app, you have more options today than ever before. In fact, there shouldn’t be any reason not to have a security system for your office. Before you choose a security system, remember that you must first identify how much security your business needs by pinpointing your current security weaknesses and assessing your budget. 

Use Security Guards

In some unique cases, your business may require an extra layer of protection. This is when locks and doors aren’t enough, and where hiring security guards makes sense. A security guard can prevent criminals and acts of theft solely with their presence. They can watch for and report suspicious activity, and, if an incident does occur, they’re one site to immediately respond. 


Digital Security 
Protect your Business Against Identity Theft

Yes, identity theft can impact your business as well. In fact, business identity theft and associated losses cost companies in the U.S. billions of dollars each year. This negatively impacts cash flow, causes problems with creditors and suppliers and even affects your business’s reputation. Below are the most common things to look out for:

Data Breaches: 

Cybercriminals can gain access into a company’s database to steal data, passwords, credit card information, and even Social Security numbers. We go into more detail surrounding cybersecurity here: 6 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes You May Be Making

Phishing Attacks:

These involve spam emails, text messages and calls from websites, financial institutions, or government agencies asking you to “confirm your identity” by revealing sensitive information such as your social security number.

Physical Theft

If a thief steals your driver’s license or Social Security card, they can steal your identity and obtain information to your bank and/or credit card.

Deliver regular security training

To what extent are your employees aware that clicking a suspicious link or opening an unknown email attachment can lead to a malware infection?

Do your employees think it’s safe to connect their devices to a public Wi-Fi network?

The easiest way to mitigate cyber risk is to implement employee security awareness training and update to include the latest risks. In addition to this, ensure that your training includes general security policies at your company, such as document shredding practices. 

These security training sessions can also serve as a means for employees to give feedback to management. Ask your associates if they notice any gaps or areas of weakness and encourage them to ask questions. Remind them that every associate is responsible for keeping the workplace safe and secure.

Security is always evolving

It’s not enough to implement a variety of security measures into your company and forget about it. As scammers, thieves, and cybercriminals develop new techniques and practices, so should your physical and digital security practices. Your business requires ongoing vigilance and evaluation to ensure your information, staff, customers, and assets stay safe.

“I didn’t know” can no longer be an excuse.

You invest a lot into your business – time, money and resources. Unfortunately, many businesses think that they are “too small” or invulnerable to harm, but the truth is, theft and data breaches can happen to anyone. Don’t wait for an incident to occur to take action. Whether or not you have business security measures in place, ongoing assessment and evaluation is key to stay ahead of ever evolving criminal activity.

While our business experts at MCDA CCG are passionate about your business growth, we are just as committed to your security along the way. Our industry wide expertise not only allows us to identify the latest threats impacting your business, but also pinpoint any areas you may be lacking. We can help you decide the best security solutions based on your budget and work environment while eliminating any unnecessary costs.

With us, you can always stay one step ahead of criminals and threats. Reach out by calling our office -headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California – sending us an email, or messaging us directly on our social media sites (@mcdaccginc) and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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