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Introduction to the Microsoft Ecommerce Platform

Running an eCommerce business is not the easiest thing. It is a dynamic combination of modern technologies that merchants should embrace. A Microsoft eCommerce platform is the epitome of online business solutions because it comes with amazing features to manage operations, provide a marketplace, process payment solutions, and help teams collaborate, among other things.

Being new to this environment can pose a big challenge. So, newbies should first understand what a Microsoft eCommerce platform is and how it works, then learn about the important features and benefits before making a decision. For new online business investors, this is the right article to read.

What is a Microsoft Ecommerce Platform?


As hinted, this is a digital solution for online businesses. It uses the architecture developed by Microsoft under the ASP.NET framework. According to professional developers, this is the most affordable, flexible, and secure programming framework to use, which is why it is preferred by most eCommerce solution developers.

The developers create a multi-vendor environment that accommodates several merchants who can create and manage product pages while enjoying many other features as well. There is a lot more to learn, so it is advisable that you look at more info on a relevant website.

Features of a Microsoft Ecommerce Platform


As a newbie, it is important that you understand the features to look for in a new Microsoft eCommerce Platform. This way, you will choose the best platform to suit your needs, and help achieve your business goals, especially increasing sales and scaling the business up.

  • Multivendor capability – This is an important capability that allows many vendors to use one marketplace while they can edit their individual pages at the same time. Hence, they can determine the product information the clients will see in the marketplace.
  • Multichannel selling platform – Microsoft eCommerce platform provides many selling platforms and allows vendors to promote their products there. For instance, promoting products on social media platforms.
  • Headless eCommerce approach – With this approach, the Microsoft eCommerce platform provides solutions for most of the operations of a business while the vendor is left with few front-end operations to handle.
  • Secure payment solutions – Any online business should have a secure payment system. ASP.NET platforms offer exactly this to all the vendors. Furthermore, the transactions are accurate and instant. They also handle financial disputes.
  • Marketing tools – Isn’t it great to have a platform where one can market products, enhance their website’s SEO, and achieve other marketing goals. With a Microsoft eCommerce platform, this is very possible. Integrations with other solutions – The last feature to check is the integration with third-party solutions that add value to the platform. You may need to go through all of the integrations to determine one that works for you.

How to Buy a Microsoft Ecommerce Platform


Usually, any Microsoft eCommerce Platform is affordable because developers use the open-source architecture given by Microsoft. So, the common platforms should not leave a hole in your pocket, especially if you are a starter in the business.

The good thing is that they have a free version, although the features might be limited. Choose well and pay for what gives you value for your money.