23/06/2024 10:12 PM


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JP Morgan launches request for pay real-time payments product

JP Morgan has announced the launch of a real-time payments product that it hopes will increase its edge in the initiative to handle more of the surging volumes of global digital payments.

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JP Morgan launches request for pay

The new product, called request for pay, lets corporate clients send payment requests to the bank’s roughly 57 million retail clients who use its app or website, cutting the cost and time it takes for those companies to get paid.

The digital payments product is one of a handful JPMorgan has in the works, as the largest US bank invests heavily in the sector which has grown sharply as more commerce occurs online, a trend further boosted during the coronavirus lockdowns.

“Our job is to give multiple different payment types so corporates and merchants can provide the right options to their customers,” comments Cyrus Bhathawalla, the bank’s global head of real-time payments.

The service went live last month and began a pilot phase with its first corporate client, a FinTech company, last week.

JPMorgan envisions clients like a gas distributing company using the service to get paid faster for filling up a gas station’s supply tanks.

Currently, that kind of company may have to wait a week to get paid. A digital payment could happen in less than 30 seconds, Bhathawalla said.

One of the first banks to participate in The Clearing House real-time payments network in 2017, JPMorgan processes about 12 million transactions a month.


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