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New solutions that revolutionise virtual card payments

As banking and payment processes are becoming more and more digitised, companies are finding ways to merge different financial systems into one with minimal effort and money as they are currently spending more than $590 billion per year integrating disparate systems.

New solutions that revolutionise virtual card payments

It’s important to note how one such billion-dollar industry, Uber, has disrupted the market only due to the utilisation of one simple rule: the API economy, and this factor is single-handedly responsible for the company’s rapid growth.

Wallesters’s API allowing companies to grow their businesses more than ever before!

The possibility of integrating APIs with businesses today is endless. As it has been shown that companies using advanced API systems report 47% better business results than conventional digitised systems.

While API and Application Programming Interface offer tools and services to build automated software, API integration with visa debit cards allows users to make their own visa virtual card in no time.

You can get a visa virtual card instantly without any hassle. They are extremely secure and are an ideal choice for making remote payments. Moreover, your information cannot be shared if the card is hacked or stolen, which thus explains their increasing popularity.

A decent API, without much of a stretch, can be incorporated with a business application, and what’s more, merging it into your applications can be set up within 24 hours. After it is set up, you can produce as many virtual cards as you need.

Wallester’s end-to-end platform helps businesses create on-demand custom cards, gain control over their business transactions, and prevent fraud.

How COVID-19 has impacted the in-person card-issuing process?

The innovations needed in digital banking have become apparent even before the pandemic hit us. Due to the change in ways, we have dealt with credit/debit card payments during the pandemic, and there has been a surge of increased customer queries.

The current situation, which involves social distancing, has also delayed the card-issuing process, which requires in-person communication.

Since the lockdown, more and more European companies have launched their own business branded payment cards offering their clients debit or credit, prepaid or virtual cards with a loyalty program for discounts and cashback. Overall, there has been a 72% rise in the use of FinTech apps in Europe.

Therefore, better digital capabilities are expected from FinTech companies during the lockdown, as more and more companies are moving towards online payment gateways. This seems possible thanks to applying an API that would ensure seamless integration between different systems and a positive experience both during and after the crisis.

Wallester is Transforming Your Business Today!

We are living during uncertain times: COVID-19 has changed the world we once were familiar with. The API-based innovative technology integrated with visa virtual cards is not a temporary need but an absolute necessity of today and a billion-industry of tomorrow.

Wallester has always been about becoming a pioneer in delivering exceptional user experiences. From the optimization of business lending procedures to modernizing payment systems through advanced API systems, we offer cutting-edge solutions tailored for any industry and business segment.

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