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Payment, Payback And Benefit

Payment, Payback And Benefit

Genuinely realizing how the universe works is an achievement. Indeed, when we realize how reality really works, and live by it, that is when prosperity starts and poverty ends. When I, personally think about reality, I think it does come down to payment, payback and benefit. Service and being serviced in that order comes to mind also. If you offer value at its best consistently without any doubt to what it is, you will get something good back sooner or later that is beneficial.

Indeed, I also start the article title with the word “payment” because that is what we must do before we get anything, even that which is “free”, “without obligation” or “without cost”. At the very least, we must claim it for our own without expecting it to be given without that obligation of needing to claim it. The last word in the title is benefit because if we do not use what we get what value is payment in any way?

Payment, payback and benefit is the real golden rule of service, reality and what works in reality.

To my way of thinking, trying to get by “free” is harder than just paying the price and going the extra mile doing it and benefitting later from doing that extra that puts you “over the top” in said reality. Doing what is needed straight out is always easier than cheating or stealing anyway, even if it is a bare minimum to benefit yourself ultimately.

We have all had times where “we just do not want to deal with it”, but if you want to get anywhere genuinely even if it does not seem worth it at times, you had better earn, learn and work on growth. Because, nature genuinely favors those who work smart, not so much hard. What I mean by that is: The mechanic next to Henry Ford was a better mechanic and did better quality work than Henry Ford in a hard way, but Henry Ford organized everything in a smart way and became rich. Do you get what I mean by smart over hard? Hard work for the sake of hard work is one thing, but to rise above, get smart, it is the only way not just to survive, but to thrive and win really. This is where the concepts of payment, payback and benefit really work properly to cause wealth. Poverty is simply a misunderstanding and misuse of the law.