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Secure High Risk Merchant Accounts

Secure High Risk Merchant Accounts

In today’s high risk e-commerce industries, there are several credit card payment solutions available for dating, foreign exchange, gaming, replica, travel and web hosting merchants. Merchants should always consider partnering with a payment service provider (PSP) known for credible payouts, customer service and that can provide a technically sophisticated gateway. All these factors assist a merchant to process without interruptions, minimize fraud and more importantly, increase their revenue.   

Merchants should work with a payment service provider who not only presents the gateway solution that facilitates credit card payments but a live merchant account. The merchant should know in which bank the merchant account is held and be given access to it.  This ensures reliable and secure settlements.  This also enables the (PSP) and merchant to forge a relationship based on trust.  A reputable payment service provider will be accommodating in extending full disclosure to their merchant(s).

As high risk industries tend to attract excessive charge backs and fraud, it serves ideal for the merchant to work with a payment service provider (PSP) who maintains relationships with several banks in different jurisdictions to offer transitional merchant accounts so processing is continuous in lieu of any interruptions.  Very few payment service providers are integrated into several banks.  Call back and retrieval services are also highly advantageous as they assist in minimizing charge back levels.   

As many high risk merchant target global clientele, merchants need to be able to accept a widespread of credit cards and extend multi-currency solutions. For merchants who do not have a payment page or are not PCI certified, they need to work with a payment service provider who can also offer this.  

Dating merchants can benefit tremendously if their payment service provider provides rebilling while gaming merchants should always consider a payment service provider who offers affiliate management. Both these services are instrumental in increasing revenues.    A merchant should always strive for long term processing and incorporate ant-fraud mechanisms to ensure their volume grows. 

A merchant can be successful in partnering with a credible (PSP) and Acquiring bank to ensure all their needs are met.