September 28, 2023


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The Best Powder Coating Guns for All Industries

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Powder coating spray guns are a popular and effective way of applying protective layers to materials. The different types of powder-coating guns can be used in many industries, including automotive, marine, commercial, industrial and more. Each gun type has its own unique characteristics which make them suitable for different jobs. In this article, we will discuss the various types of powder coating guns available and their applications in different industries. 

Automotive Uses 

Powder coating guns come in a variety of types and sizes, each with its own unique function. When it comes to automotive uses, two of the most popular models are box fed powder coating guns and hopper fed powder coating guns. 

Box fed powder coating guns are ideal for automotive uses since they contain a chamber which houses the powder and controls the flow rate, allowing for even distribution on a car’s surface. Additionally, these models are lightweight and easy to handle when moving around an automobile during use. 

Hopper-fed powder coating guns offer more power than their box fed counterparts due to their larger capacity hoppers which hold up to five pounds of material at one time. This makes them perfect for bigger projects like truck beds or entire cars, as well as providing smooth coverage with fewer passes over the surface area. 

Industrial Uses 

Industrial powder coating has become a popular choice for protecting metal and other parts from corrosion, wear, and damage. There are two main types of guns used in industrial applications – box-fed powder coating guns and hopper-fed guns. 

The box fed powder coating gun is ideal for small production batches due to its portability, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness. This type of gun uses a chamber that can be filled with pre-measured amounts of dry powder before being connected to an air compressor. It also requires minimal setup time between color changes and is designed to provide uniform coverage on complex shapes. 

On the other hand, the hopper fed powder coating gun is better suited for high production runs since it offers greater efficiency than the box fed model. 

Specialty Applications 

Different types of powder coating guns are suited for different uses and industries, with Wagner, Nordson, and Gema all offering specialized options for specialty applications. 

Wagner offers a variety of manual and automatic powder coating guns ideal for any size job, from small runs to large production lines. Their manual gun, the Sprint Airfluid XE is highly customizable with adjustable spray settings so you can coat complex parts with precision. For more advanced needs they offer their ProControl systems that provide superior control over application parameters such as temperature, air pressure and force of current. 

Nordson powder coating guns are perfect for industrial use due to their heavy-duty construction and rugged design. 

Choosing the Right Gun 

When it comes to choosing the right powder coating gun for your specific needs, there are a variety of options and manufacturers available. The three main brands you’ll likely come across are Wagner, Nordson, and Gema. Each of these companies offers a range of different types of guns that can be used in various industries and applications. 

Guns from Wagner typically feature the latest technology and are suited for industrial applications with high-volume output. Nordson guns are known for their reliability, durability, and affordability making them ideal for smaller businesses or hobbyists who don’t require as high an output. Finally, Gema is known for their top-of-the-line quality guns that provide maximum efficiency while also being relatively affordable; they tend to be most popular among professional finishers who work with high performance materials. 

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