June 5, 2023


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Tokio Marine Group issues apology after unit hit by cyber breach

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Tokio Marine Group issues apology after unit hit by cyber breach

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and concern caused to our customers or related parties.”

Those were the words of Tokio Marine Group when it revealed that one of its companies had suffered a ransomware cyberattack. The wider organisation also offered assurances that no other units had been impacted and that the incident exclusively affected Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd (TMiS).

In a statement, the insurance group noted: “Upon a detection of the attack, TMiS immediately took necessary measures, including the isolation of the network to prevent further damages and filed the necessary reports to local governmental agencies.

“In a response to the incident, Tokio Marine Group has been working to identify the scope of damages. At this time, we can confirm that there is no indication of a breach of any customer information nor confidential information of the group.”

Tokio Marine Group said it has appointed an external specialised vendor to perform a third-party systems analysis. Information security safeguards have also been taken. Additionally, the group “will endeavour to make further efforts” to protect customer data and confidential information.    

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