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Useful Tips From Experts in Plastic Postcard Marketing

When deciding on a plastic postcard, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase. First, read about size, color, personalization, and EDDM marketing. Next, you’ll find valuable tips for creating a postcard to reach your target audience. Then, use these tips to make the most of your marketing campaign. Following these tips, you can find the perfect card for your business.


The size of a plastic postcard largely depends on its design. Small Postcards are the perfect size for sharing a single idea or a quick thank you note. Oversized Postcards are more appropriate for sending out large quantities of promotional material. However, if you use plastic postcards as an inexpensive marketing tool, you should consider the dimensions before ordering. The standard postcard size is 5.875 x 3.75 inches.

Small Postcards are perfect for promoting small businesses and products. These miniature pieces of paper are ideal for product details, calling for action, or photos. Extra-small Postcards can feature high-quality graphics and pictures. They are also perfect for event handouts and mini-artworks. To maximize the potential of a small postcard, design the message to be displayed in the safe area. The rest of the postcard is free for advertising and the call to action.


Plastic postcards have many benefits, from their sleek, glossy appearance to the ability to display colors, logos, art, and punchy copy. This increased appeal to the eyes and the touch drives higher response rates. In addition, many people associate plastic cards with higher perceived value, just like ID and membership cards. Consequently, plastic postcards have higher ROI and are popular with companies in various industries. 

Orange is a great way to inject energy into direct mail postcards. It is playful and adds excitement without boosting severity. A brighter hue, orange, has a bright and cheerful feel. However, when used in smaller doses, orange can be too overwhelming. To make your postcards look their best, use orange and black in combination. You’ll be surprised at how effective they are. These are just a few examples of how to use these colors.


In addition to the usual business message, the plastic postcard can be personalized with a customer’s name, a link to a landing page, or a special deal. This can boost the response rate and help retailers win and retain new customers. Of course, sending the right message to the right audience at the right time is essential. 

Personalized plastic postcards are designed with full-color images and customized messages. They are laminated on a thick plastic sheet, which draws attention to the ad and keeps it front and center of the recipient’s mind. A plastic postcard is more likely to be thrown in the trash bin than a paper postcard, so it is important to personalize it as much as possible. This can increase your response rate and keep your message front and center of the recipient’s mind.

EDDM Marketing

There are some valuable tips for EDDM marketing. First, test your mailer before sending it out to thousands of people. Test different versions to see which one gets the most response. This will help you decide which content to include. For example, you may want to use a company’s logo or theme colors. Lastly, use high-quality images to draw the reader in. This will make the postcard more appealing to the consumer.

EDDM is highly effective if used correctly. Targeting good neighborhoods can ensure the best results. Choose neighborhoods in a radius around your company’s physical location, such as residential homes. In addition, you can gauge the response rates of neighborhoods by tracking the responses from different routes. If you have a high response rate in a specific neighborhood, consider sending your next EDDM mailer to the same area.