03/03/2024 12:52 PM


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Why Are People Looking to the Internet to Get Rich Quick?

With so many Big Companies, like Caterpillar, Sprint Nextel, Home Depot, General Motors and many others cutting JOBS and putting more and more people out of work, so many people look to the Internet for work. They look for jobs that they know they can do (same field and the same type of job). Some find jobs only to be laid off after a short while. After being very discouraged on the JOB hunt, many are brought to the Internet looking to work at home. Who’s going to buy products from these big companies when so many people are out of work, no one has money to buy! No one except the people at home that are successful at promoting products.

People are in need of new careers in a field that’s stable and won’t change much with the market. With new career’s people are looking for something with health benefits for families. If we all had Government health coverage this would not be a problem, but that’s not the case in the states. Think about it, if someone is sick they can’t go to work, if they can’t go to work, they don’t get paid and the government loses tax revenue. I’m sorry, I brought it up about health care it’s only because I feel everyone should have it. I’ll have to write about that another time. OK, I’ll get back to the article! People who have lost their JOB tend to look for the best and easiest way to make money online for their family and bills. Losing a job is hard for families, when the bills start coming in and there is no money left in the bank. And starting a new JOB is also hard. You have employers hoping they got more than they paid for (someone with a lot of experience). And the employee has it hard because they have to make sure they please the one that hired them.

You hear about people making money online “Big Money”. You find it on TV infomercials, on talk shows, and Nightly News stations. People are enticed by all the show and glow on these beautiful web sites claiming So and So made $48,000 in two weeks, or Joe Blow made $1500 his first day. One thing these people had in common was they all seem to have a very long email list of interested buyers. Many systems use  or maybe . These are a couple of the popular affiliate companies. These are very easy to use once signed up for the free accounts you can learn how-to start by watching the videos. Once you learn how to find the product you can start promoting right away. The more products you promote the more money you can possibly make.

Don’t just jump on the first good deal you hear, make sure you research or find someone willing to tell you the truth of products they tested. I’ve done a lot of the research for you trying to find the one system that tries to give you everything step-by-step. I’m one of those people that will try to do things by the “letter”. I figure that if I do things as it says in the system then I should be able to make money. I found that some systems don’t give you the whole plan they are vague and don’t explain things enough to do the job. I need some sort of a “walk through” in order for me to see exactly how to accomplish what needs to happen. Many programs tell you to send emails out, but they don’t tell you how to acquire all of the email accounts that you need to send out to. You need to have hundreds of accounts in order to make good money. I’m still working on my e-mail list of people looking for the right system to make money. If you send me an email telling me what you’re looking for in an online system I’ll try to help. If you wish to send me an email of your experiences, I can use this to help others.

People are flocking to the Internet because it gives them the hope of money coming in without a lot of effort. Once the promotions are set up they will run on autopilot making you money long after you move on. Working online is harder then they say on their web sites, but it sure is worth it in the long run. Once running all you need to do is send out emails once in a while and collect money for a long time.