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Worldline offer crypto payment to 85,000 merchants in Switzerland

Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse have announce the go-live of their omnichannel crypto payment solution for the more than 85’000 Swiss merchants in the Worldline network.

Now all merchants in Switzerland using the Worldline POS and e-commerce payment services can let their clients pay in Bitcoin and Ether as easily as other traditional payment options.

As the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin has gained wide interest in recent years.

The integrated service offered by Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse, named WL Crypto Payments, lets merchants accept Bitcoin and Ether as a payment option at the POS and in e-commerce.

Merchants download the WL Crypto Payments mobile app or install the Worldline payment plugin for their webshop. Clients paying with crypto may do so through their usual mobile crypto wallet application.

Prices shown by the merchant in CHF (Swiss Franc), can be, upon selection by the customer, alternatively quoted in Bitcoin or Ether in real time, paid for with crypto, and get confirmed to the merchant instantly.

WL Crypto Payments enables merchants to offer payments with cryptocurrencies without being exposed to volatility risks, as the crypto transaction is securely converted into Swiss Francs straight after payment confirmation. Merchants benefit further by settlement in Swiss Francs and pay-out processes bundled with other payment options, like credit cards.

The crypto payments collaboration between Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse was first announced in November 2019. The rollout to all Worldline merchants in Switzerland was preceded by a successful pilot program.

“The launch of cryptocurrencies acceptance at the POS in Switzerland is a great proof of our ambition: Worldline wants to bring tangible value to merchants across the globe and to facilitate smooth and modern payments in all the markets we operate in. We’re happy to collaborate with Bitcoin Suisse on this forward-looking project,” comments Marc Schluep, Worldline Switzerland CEO.

Video on simple payment in crypto currencies:  WL Crypto Payments

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