September 27, 2023


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WTW presents new risk and analytics model for trade credit market

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WTW presents new risk and analytics model for trade credit market

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has launched a new risk and analytics (R&A) model for the trade credit market. 

In a statement, WTW said that the model has been designed as a tool for both newcomers to trade credit insurance as well as seasoned users and analyses clients’ trade receivables to predict potential losses over a range of statistical scenarios.

A typical model run covers the rating and spread of risk on an aggregate portfolio, region, trade sector, and individual buyer basis; the probability of default loss forecasts on a portfolio basis; the breakdown of risk exposures by sector and geography; and customisable credit insurance return on investment (ROI) calculations examining the cost of premiums against sales and projected losses   

“By identifying the unique frequency and severity of potential credit risk losses within a firm’s receivables portfolio, the model takes a data-driven approach to help clients design and structure the most appropriate solutions to help grow sales securely and with confidence,” WTW stated.

“WTW has a long track record of success in using our R&A platforms to drive additional lines of business by bringing a data-backed analysis to our client’s attention,” said Scott Ettien, executive director of WTW. “Our model helps organisations to understand further how trade credit insurance can be viewed as a viable risk transfer vehicle for capital substitution.”

The launch follows WTW’s recent partnership with social business intelligence and data analytics firm Polecat Intelligence to support its solutions in areas such as life sciences, reputational, and product recall risk.


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