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5 Engagement Ring Surprise Ideas

The Best and Most Creative Ways to Propose

You might be browsing the internet right now because you are planning on finally asking your significant other for their hand in marriage, and you are looking for genius proposal ideas and creative ways to give an engagement ring surprise ideas.

I am here to suggest to you 5 engagement ring surprise ideas and girlfriend proposal ideas that you may or may not want to consider:

  1. Concert Proposal

If you both are music lovers, have the same taste in music and the band or singer that the both of you love are in town, it might be the time for a great concert proposal. During their favorite song, you could sneak up on them and get down on one knee. 

If it’s possible, you could even ask the singer if you both could get up on stage and propose with the whole crowd watching.

  1. Merry-go-round Proposal

Carnivals are the go-to date places of most couples, where they aim to ride the Ferris wheel. Now while proposing while on top of a Ferris wheel is also a great idea and such a romantic gesture at that, a merry-go-round proposal is something else.

You could ask your friends to sneakily come and hold up a “Will You Marry Me?” sign with you so they could see the sign while passing by the spot where you are, or you could also ask strangers to help you out. 

After the ride is done, you could wait for them by the gate with the ring in your hand.

  1. Skydiving Proposal

This is a perfect idea if you both are adrenaline junkies. You could prepare the questions that are largely printed on the drop-off location so once the parachute deploys and you both are near the ground, they see it the second you land. Or you could also print it large enough so you both could see it while on the air together. 

Make sure to bring the ring out once you are safely on the ground though.

  1. Family Dinner

Proposing to your significant other while you both are surrounded by people who care about you and you with them would have to be one of the most intimate ways to propose.  

Sharing such an important event with the people who had been there since the beginning of your relationship, who had seen all your ups and downs, and have been there for you both is such an emotional rollercoaster ride and your fiance-to-be would for sure remember the intimacy of the moment.

  1. Hide the Engagement Ring

If you want to keep the proposal as simple as possible and are looking for proposal ideas at home with family or engagement ideas at home, then hiding the engagement could be your wow factor. Here are a few ideas on where you could hide them:

  1. Shell

If your significant other loves the ocean, then this is a great way to hide your engagement ring. You could incorporate the beach proposal without giving much away but if you live away from the ocean, then this could be a way of bringing the ocean to them.

  1. Fortune Cookie

Proposing with food has been something that has been happening a lot lately, but there are some downsides in those like it could somehow be a choking hazard, especially if they didn’t notice the ring in the first place. 

So, using a fortune cookie is the best idea out of all of those. People would have to break them open first before eating the food so you don’t have to worry about them possibly choking. So they get a ring and a perfectly good cookie.

  1. Box

By far one of the most common ways to hide an engagement ring, but you could stand out and be different by getting fun boxes. You could find a lot of them on the internet, where there are endless amounts of choices to choose from so don’t limit your proposal to just one simple box.

  1. Picture Frame

Proposing through a picture frame is unique and creative, putting the ring behind the picture frame. You could get a picture frame of the two of you and pin it there. 

This would add to the surprise factor, them noticing the off consistency of the frame, giving them the perfect opportunity to check at the back where the ring is and she would be finding the thing on her own, then when she looks at you, you are already down on your knees, ready to pop the question.

  1. Locket

Lockets are a great way to keep something close to your heart. You can hide the engagement ring in it, with the words “Will you marry me?” in one of the frames and maybe a picture of the both of you on the other side. Once she opens the locket, she would find the ring inside without her knowing that there was a ring in there in the first place.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are beautiful, but that is a place they would least expect a ring to be in. Buy them a bouquet, place the ring in the middle (make sure that the ring is in a safe place and won’t fall off) and ask them to take a closer look so they can see the ring. It’s a sweet and simple way to hide a ring and would leave them swooning, especially if they love flowers as much as I do.

  1. Hollowed out Book

If your significant other loves reading books, this could be a fun and creative way to hide the engagement ring from them. 

Don’t use the book they are currently reading though because you are going to be cutting a bunch of pages out of it and the last thing we want is for them to get mad at you, You could just buy a new book a present (maybe their favorite book), tell them to read the “inscription” in it and once they open it, BAM the ring is there.

You could also buy a small notebook that you could write messages in and after a few pages, that is where the ring is. For sure, their heart would be swelling up in happiness after.

Your proposal wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful shiny diamond ring that you could give to your fiance-to-be and what better way to show your love for them than by customizing the engagement ring that you are going to propose with, so here are 5 tips on designing your own diamond rings to personalize the ring that you are going to be giving your significant other.