Beazley establishes online portal for digital health product


Beazley’s Virtual Care integrates bodily injury cover across core modules to provide comprehensive insurance for the risks faced by digital health organisations all under one policy. These modules include medical malpractice, technology & media liability, general and products liability, and cyber liability and breach response.

Virtual Care first launched in the United States in 2017 and has been available in the United Kingdom since 2019. The policy is also now available for digital health clients across Canada, Spain, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

“Digital health is an exciting, fast-growing sector that is expanding exponentially in 2020,” said Evan Smith, global head of miscellaneous medical and life sciences at Beazley. “From the beginning of the pandemic when virtual consultations became a necessity for millions of patients, through to the ongoing social distancing rules in many parts of the world, strong growth is expected to continue beyond the current health crisis. Having an integrated, holistic insurance solution will help to manage the complex web of interconnected risks within digital health and support its development.” 

According to Smith, Beazley has “amassed deep knowledge of the risk landscape and the claims that digital health clients face” since Virtual Care first launched in 2017.

“This enables us to provide insight and support to our broking partners, and we have launched the Virtual Care portal to help with this,” said Smith. “We are excited to continue to work more closely with our partners as we build and develop our Virtual Care offering globally.”

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