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Consolidation is a ‘positive’ for Citrix

Bed, Bath & Beyond: “I think Bed Bath is a stock that I liked and then what happened is the world came to an end, basically, right, for retail. It was deemed nonessential and I think it’s a very tough thing for it to come back, but it does have the capital. It can last — can try to last.”

TE Connectivity: “I’ve always liked TE Connectivity and it’s the right kind of electrical component stock that is working in this environment. I would own this stock.”

Pioneer Natural Resources: “[CEO] Scott Sheffield is probably — along with [Chevron CEO] Mike Worth — two of the people I trust most in the oil patch. Pioneer’s one of them, I like EOG, I like Parsley, I like Chevron. I think you’re fine, and I’m not a recommender of the oil companies, but I think you’re fine.”

B&G Foods: “I wish they would come on. … I don’t know the longevity of it because the brand seems tired to me. It’s kind of a mini Kraft Heinz.”

Digital Realty Trust: “Of the REITs that are still around that I like, I like the data center REITs and that is one of the. Nice [yield] level coming in at 3.3{3c4481f38fc19dde56b7b1f4329b509c88239ba5565146922180ec5012de023f}.”

Citrix Systems: “Citrix is part of this group, like Zoom. They had too much of a move, they’re consolidating right now. I think consolidation is actually positive. Some people feel like if people go back to work, they won’t do as well. That’s wrong. Good stock.”

Box: “I’ll see you your Box and raise you with Dropbox, which I think had a better quarter. That’s the one to be in now.”

Co-Diagnostics: “That one’s too controversial. I’d have to do more on CODX. That’s like a penny stock that went nuts.”

GW Pharmaceuticals: “It’s medical cannabis. It’s the only one that the doctors really use because it actually has dosage, and it will be the only one they use, given the fact that dosage is hard to get in regular cannabis.”

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