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How to Speed Up Satellite Internet

How to Make Satellite Internet Faster: 9 Easy Tips

Increasing the speed of satellite internet may be divided into two categories: optimizing your router and modem and making adjustments to your satellite dish.

Take a look at our advice on how you can maintain the satellite receiver, how to ensure your router and modem are up and running, and ways to make the best use of your satellite internet. Let’s get started!

Examine the Satellite Dish

There are some troubleshooting recommendations you may follow to boost your internet connection. To begin with, let’s check out the satellite receiver, AKA dish.

Examine the wires and dish for damage.

Step outdoors and get a close look at your wires and satellite dish. (Please be cautious if you have placed your dish on your roof!)

Look for chips, cracks, or other signs of wear and tear to your wires and dish. You could also check that your wires are not frayed where they link to the dish. Also, be certain that no rodents have chewed on them.

Remove any obstructions in the path of your satellite dish

Remove any dirt, filth, or snow from your dish, including any leaf piles, broken branches, and just about anything else trapped in your dish.

Make Sure Your Dish Is Pointing in the Right Direction

In the United States, your satellite dish receiver should be pointing toward the sky in a Southern direction most of the time. If you believe your dish is not correctly positioned, contact your satellite internet provider and request that it be repositioned.

Because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will figure out how to set your dish’s orientation so that it matches with the GPS coordinates that may deliver you the greatest signal, you should have a technician come out to accomplish this. (These coordinates are unique to your home and locality.)

Make Sure Your Router and Modem Are up to Date

Now that you have double-checked your dish and wires, it is time to go back inside. Now you need to pay attention to your router and modem to check if your equipment can be optimized for faster internet speeds.

Make Use of Your Own Router

To be honest, the router provided by your ISP is most likely not the greatest. It might possibly be quite old already, so it may be able to cope with today’s internet speeds.

Whenever possible, we always advocate buying a separate router rather than the ISP-issued one to ensure that it is not only not obsolete but also has the capabilities you desire, such as extra Ethernet terminals, dual-band capability, and it has even beamforming capabilities if you feel like doing something fancy.

Restart Your Modem and Router if Necessary

Some years ago, there was a comedy show aired on British TV called The IT Crowd. Among the central characters were two stereotypically geeky tech support employees in a large corporation. When other employees would call the IT department for tech support, they had an answering machine hooked up to their phone that would automatically reply with the line “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Of course, they did this to avoid talking to people in real-time, but sometimes this is pretty solid advice for malfunctioning electronic equipment. It is no different with modems and routers as well.

To restart your modem and router, follow these steps:

  • Unplug your modem and router.
  • Allow about 30 seconds for everything to be disconnected
  • Reconnect your modem and wait for it to power up (this will take a couple of minutes)
  • Now reconnect your router and wait for it to power up (another couple of minutes)
  • Run an online speed test on your internet connection.

Update the Firmware on Your Modem

Another fast remedy for a poor internet connection is upgrading the firmware on your router. Having updated firmware ensures that your internet router gets the necessary support to operate at its full potential.

Consider your router’s firmware to be a professional athlete eating high-protein meals just before a major game. That energy is required for them to perform effectively and score the winning goal.

The most recent firmware for internet routers may be found on the manufacturer’s website. We have listed some well-known brands that allow you to search for the firmware of your router by model name or number:

  • Synology
  • Linksys
  • ASUS
  • TP-Link

When at All Possible, Use a Wired Connection Rather Than Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is excellent, but it will not be as quick as an Ethernet wire connection.

Wi-Fi travels via air rather than wire. An internet connection suffers a loss of speed as well as signal strength as the distance from the router increases. It must also pass through floors, walls, and other obstacles. Wired connections require only one trip across the Ethernet wire to reach your device.

Summing Up

Satellite internet is truly a marvel of technological engineering. Millions of people make use of this technology, particularly in rural areas. For some industrial workers, like merchant mariners and miners, satellite internet is their only link to the outside world. Follow these tips to ensure your satellite internet connection runs optimally. Entertain yourself with the help of your satellite internet connection by checking these fantastic Dish TV Packages.