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RGE becomes an international-class corporation through natural resources

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The development of the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) from the time of its birth as Raja Garuda Mas till now has been very rapid. RGE’s success and growth into a world-class corporation is due to various factors, such as Indonesia’s strong potential. As of today, RGE’s subsidiary companies range from palm oil industry, pulp and paper, specialty cellulose, viscose fibre, and oil and gas industries, and have operations across the globe in Indonesia, Brazil, China, Canada, and Spain.

The achievements of one of RGE’s subsidiaries, Asian Agri, in being one of the largest producers of crude palm oil in Asia today, is an example of RGE’s realisation of Indonesia’s natural resource potential. Asian Agri’s plantation was first established in 1983, and has since grown far and wide in three provinces – North Sumatra, Riau and Jambi. These provinces were specifically selected, for the company was fully aware that palm oil thrives in locations situated around 10° North and South latitude from the equator.

Following this, the growth of palm oil was truly optimal, as it was grown on fertile soil. Combined with a support management system that follows good gardening procedures, Asian Agri received optimal results from the palm oil plantations, and were able to harvest Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) within 30 months after the palm oil was planted. FFB yields also continued to skyrocket. 

For over 30 years, Asian Agri developed an integrated strategy aimed at producing and processing palm oil products. This was done by utilising all the various natural resources in the country, which makes Indonesia one of the most ideal palm oil producing regions in the world. Asian Agri also made a number of efforts to boosting or intensifying the productivity of palm oil plantations, by selecting superior plant material as well as implementing an effective fertilisation application.

Intensification is a solution in optimising plantation yields. The quality and consistency of crop fertilisation is a determining factor in increasing palm oil production, as the fertilisation process provides nutrients needed by the plants. Aside from these measures, Asian Agri also conducted research to produce superior quality seeds, known as Topaz.

Topaz palm oil seedlings are able to produce FFB and crude palm oil with above-average quantities, thus providing benefits for farmers and companies with the same amount of land but with higher production yields. And so thanks to Topaz, plantation yields are truly optimal, with more FFB being harvested since the very first harvest.

A number of steps taken by Asian Agri has indeed taken a number of steps in the optimisation of the plantations, with the aim of achieving optimal production results, with the help of Indonesia’s natural resource potential and existing plantations that were optimised to maintain its high production capacity. 

These are all further proof that RGE and its group of companies are developing themselves to the fullest potential on an international level and are able to do so with Indonesia’s natural resources.