The future of the High Street lies 400 years in the past


Marty, In order to save the High street of the 21st century, we need to go back in time and take inspiration from the 17th century.

The future of the High Street lies in the past

Indeed, findings from a new report reveal the future of the high street actually lies 400 years in the past.

According to Britain’s leading Consumer Futurist, Will Higham, far from the vision of a super futuristic, tech-heavy world, the report outlines that the desire for face-to-face contact and micro communities.

Accelerated by the pandemic, it will drive us towards a high street

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Open Banking-facilitated payments to exceed $116 billion


A new study found that the value of global payment transactions facilitated by Open Banking will exceed $116 billion in 2026, from just under $4 billion in 2021.

This extraordinary growth rate of over 2,800% over the next five years will be driven by increasing user awareness of Open Banking features, supported by greater deployment within Europe, as vendors build on PSD2 APIs to deliver expanding services.

The research identified Open Banking-facilitated payments, where payments are made directly from bank accounts, as a growing threat to the dominance of cards within e-commerce.

While card payments are well established, leveraging permissioned

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Super App and Digital Platforms could save high street banks: here’s how


Many consultants and analysts have been critical of major retail banks’ performance during the digital revolution.

Super App and Digital Platforms could save high street banks

Noting the rise of “digital native” banks built for mobile and internet banking, analysts have predicted that as many as a third of today’s retail banks could be merged out of existence by 2030[1].

As things stand, the number of bank branches in Europe has halved in the last ten years, and continues to decrease by around 10,000 every year[2].

In our new white paper, we acknowledge the transformative effects that mobile technologies have

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Argo Group unveils Q3 2021 results


Operating income in the quarter, meanwhile, stood at US$31.7 million. The corresponding figure a year ago was an operating loss worth US$10 million.

In the nine months ended September 30, Argo enjoyed US$114.1 million in net income attributable to common shareholders. Last year, the insurer was hit with a net loss attributable to common shareholders of US$55.2 million.

Also, operating income in the first nine months reached US$103.4 million – an improvement, as well, from the US$1.1 million operating loss incurred previously.

“Argo continues to pursue profitable growth, improve underwriting margins, reduce volatility, and maintain disciplined expense management,” said chief

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