September 28, 2023


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Streamline Your Event Payment Collection With CyberSource

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Almost all organizations, big and small, look for various ways to streamline their event(s) payment collection to accelerate the process of funds transfer. The majority of online event and class management solutions offer easy payments processing via CyberSource, a leading payment gateway. You too can, therefore, start using this gateway to restructure your event(s) payment collection, thereby saving time for doing other vital event-related tasks.

Organizations, at all levels, can resolve their money transferring issues as well as bring about greater transparency in handling refunds and charge-backs by using CyberSource. Most of the online event management solutions come with an integrated PCI-compliant payment platform to facilitate secured transfer of funds via various online means. It eliminates the hassles of manual cash handling and, as such, saves a good amount of your precious time and energy.

The online payment management solution lets you easily accept payments sent by using the credit cards, PayPal, CyberSource, and other standard payment management solutions. This Cloud-based solution also lets you collect registration fees and donations via and more. Event organizers can, therefore, start using this standard payment gateway to streamline their day-to-day financial operations in a secured environment. This leading payment gateway also helps you easily sell all your concert or fundraiser tickets, easily and at a faster pace.

Event Registration Forms

CyberSource-integrated registration forms facilitate instant sending of registration fees and donations via your registrant’s credit/debit cards.

24×7 Payment Processing Option

You can easily use this leading disbursement platform to offer real-time authorization and processing of money.

Reduction of Fraud Risks

One of the major drawbacks of online money transfer is related to the credit/debit cards fraud. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting individuals and associations trying to engage in financial transactions over the internet. In such a situation, sending money via CyberSource proves highly beneficial at a time. This leading payment source lets you easily send and receive funds in a safe and secure environment, thus eliminating any kind of risks associated with online disbursement.

Easy Refunding of Money

This payment platform lets you instantly refund any amount of money to your event registrants in no time. You can handle all kinds of charge-backs as well as reconcile any form of transaction with your registrants, partners, sponsors, or vendors using the easy-to-use this payment entryway.

Fast and Secured Checkouts

Event registrants are no more required to provide shipping or payment information separately, as all information can now be given easily via this process.

“Use Your Own Merchant Account” Service

The PCI-compliant online payment management solution lets you easily create, activate, and maintain one or more merchant accounts. In other words, you can, at anytime, utilize the “Use Your Own Merchant Account” (UYOMA) service for collecting online payments by using this industry leading payment gateway.

Utmost Payment Security

With CyberSource, you can successfully perform all transactions without revealing any financial data to anyone. Thus, this popular payment gateway offers you easy data storage and retention in a protected environment.

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